Our Story

Unique Ingredients Directly from Grower to You or your Business.

We represent a lifetime of effort on the agricultural level. Working with individual farmers and source locations to find solutions to get great products to your door efficiently and sustainably. We have spent decades making the process of shipping these unique ingredients efficiently directly from the farmer to the end consumer or restaurant.

In addition to bringing these quality products to the doorstep of any home, we want to provide a great solution for small businesses. Easy ordering, solving bulk order minimum quantities, and efficiently delivered to your door. We are the bakery, local restaurant, ghost kitchen, and food truck resource you’ve been looking for.

Authentic, Essential, Unique

We bring you spices from around the world.

Everywhere on earth you’ll find examples of agriculturally unique characteristics that create unique sources of nourishment for the people who live there.

Learn About The Farmers

Everyone’s Unique Region is Essential to their Lives and Diets.

Those dietary essentials for people around the world come together to make Essential Spice. Vanilla from Madagascar, Mexico, and Tahiti; Black, Red, or White Quinoa from Peru; or Dried Woodear Mushrooms from throughout Asia, we work with farms, distributors, and others at the local levels to bring you the authentic essentials from unique locations around the world.

Gourmet Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans 10 Pack
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Madagascar Bourbon 100% Pure Vanilla Extract (Single Fold)
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Vanilla Bean Sampler
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Gourmet Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans
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