Mexican BBQ Corn Ribs

Corn ribs are taking the internet by storm, here is our take on this trending sensation. Mexican street corn meets BBQ ribs to create your new favorite side dish. 


  • 6 ears of FRESH corn on the cob
  • 1 tbsp. Olive Oil
  • 1 Cup Cojita Cheese
  • ½ Cup of Cilantro 

BBQ Rub 

Cream Sauce 

  • 4 tbsp. Mayonnaise 
  • 4 tbsp. Sour Cream
  • 2 tbsp. Jalapeno 
  • 1 tbsp. Lime Juice


  1. Preheat the grill.

  2. Use a sharp knife to cut the cleaned ears of corn in half and then cut the halves in half again. There should be four pieces per ear of corn. 

  3. Place the corn strips on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

  4. Mix all ingredients for BBQ rub together in a bowl. Set aside.

  5. Mix all ingredients for Cream Sauce together in a bowl. Set aside.

  6. Line corn ribs on a tray and spray/brush with olive oil.

  7. Season the corn ribs with BBQ Rub. 

  8. Add seasoned corn ribs, cut side down, to the grill, and cook with lid closed for about 8-10 minutes.

  9. After 8-10 minutes, flip the ribs and close the lid to cook for an additional 8 minutes.

  10. Remove corn ribs from the grill and place on a tray. Spread on cream sauce and finish with cojita cheese and cilantro. If you have extra sauce, it is also great for dipping!